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       Enriched Canine enhances the typical dog walking service and adds convenience to dog training.  I'm Michelle Hoff, pet professional and dog trainer. I am a graduate of CanineLink Academy (2014) and have also been training with Animalsense, a positive reinforcement behavior modification company (2018). I currently have my precious Boxer dog, Leelu, who has helped me discover my passion for training over the years. Being a pet owner as well as a pet professional, I can help my clients understand how to achieve their goals in behavior modification. Dogs are special to every family and hold a special place in our hearts which is why it is so important to enrich their daily routines!

   I want to give my clients more variety to their day. Of course most dogs love their daily walks and thrive with routine. What I am offering clients is more options. With my visits, I also offer brain stimulation and learning. Some dogs are not good in the rain, cold, or even hot summer temperatures. Instead of forcing my client outside to walk and creating a stressful situation, I have fun puzzles and activities available.  Puzzles and games are great stimulation and keeps my client sharp and thinking. Its also more tiring than physical exercise and is a great substitute for my clients that are on an aging curve or rehabilitation.

   I'm also very flexible to in-home training! With my education and large networking base, I am confident I can help with behaviors that need to be addressed with convenience and efficiency. When training my clients, it is top priority to make sure they are set up for success. The great thing about positive reinforcement training is there are many methods for achieving desired behaviors which is why with in-home training, my clients will have customized lessons and will use what works for optimal success.

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