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Dog Walking/ Enrichment

Dog walking and enrichment enhance your dog's quality of life! Brain Stimulation keeps your dog sharp and thinking. If going for a walk isn't the best activity, i can provide puzzles and games to keep your dog busy and stimulated to keep the cabin fever at bay!

Walk on monday, puzzle on tuesday? You decide on a walk or brain exercise!  (must give notice 24 hours in advance for custom changes)


1 visit (2o minutes) ...... $16 
20 visit package................$300 ($20 Savings!)
60 visit package................$910 ($50 Savings!)
  • 20 visit packages are eligible for a minimum of 2 days a week

  • 60 visit packages are eligible for a minimum of 3 days a week

  • Client must cancel 24 hours in advance in order to keep package credit.

  • Weekends and holiday* visits are a separate charge of $20, if there is availability.

  • Visits during off hours (M-F after 4 pm) will include an extra charge of $5 to the current rate.

  • Households with 3 or more dogs will have an extra charge of $5 to the current rate.



Meet And Greet

Take the first step in creating a relationship with your pet professional. Provide detailed instructions on how you want your dog's visits to be handled. Clients will also be given a designated notebook to keep. Each client will get a personal note as to how the visit was as well as a record of how many visits are left in packages.

Holidays include:

New Year's Day/ Easter Sunday/ Mother's Day/ Memorial Day/ Father's Day/ Independence Day/ Labor Day/ Thanksgiving/ Christmas Day

  1. Enrichment keeps brains sharp and helps with problem solving skills! (Makes it easier to learn new things!)

  2. Prevent boredom and restlessness! Redirect frustration with more appropriate items and start saving the rug and furniture!

  3. Research has shown 30 minutes of brain stimulation is just as tiring as an hour of physical exertion for your dog.

  4. Contstantly creating and connection more neurons! Keept you dog smart!


exhausted puppy girls

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog is in good hands!

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