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Sessions must be held in consecutive weeks (within 8 days). Each session is 1 hour.

3 sessions..........................$150 
ideal for brush-up training
6 sessions.........................$280 ($20 savings!)

With positive reinforcement methods, instill confidence in your dog and encourage desired behaviors resulting in a more stable, reliable dog. In-home training is a great advantage for any client. Get a customized lesson plan to reach the desired goals in your dog's behavior.

Every dog is an idividual and learns at different paces than others. Working with your dog's strengths, we can improve its weaknesses. This is how we set you and your dog up for success! Teaching your dog something new should be fun and low stress. I will guide you through the steps on how dogs learn to better understand your dog.


Puppy Package!

Get 6 sessions of In-home training 
PLUS 30 Customized visits for $680!
That's a $50 Savings!
Ages 8 weeks to 6 months


Help your puppy get a headstart on learning how to be the best dog it can be! Tackle the early stages with confidence in potty training, mouthing, and crate training. Puppies don't know they are learning when they think its all fun and games, even after the treats stop!

In-home Training
  • Leash manners
  • Go to place
  • Fun and games
  • Recall
  • Impulse control behaviors; jumping, stay, wait
  • Focus
  • Foundation behaviors; sit, down
  • Handling
  • Reactivity
  • Mouthing, chewing
  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Socialization
  • And more!

Want your dog to know what behavior is acceptable in the household? With Positive Reinforcement & management, you and your dog can be on the same page! Build Confidence and strengthen your relationship!

Set up a free consultation today!

Call 224.659.9552


  • Sessions must be held in consecutive weeks.

  • Each session is one hour

  • Clients must have their dog on leash at all times during session

  • Prong or choke collars will not be tolerated

  • Soft, smelly treats are best for training! Find out what motivates your dog!

puppy training
Behavior Consultations

Behavior consultations need to be scheduled before a session can be held. In order for your sessions to be customized to you and your dog's needs, an evalution needs to be taken. The trainer will record observations, ask questions on the dog's personal history as well as daily routine. This way, the trainer is able to make a custom lesson plan.

It is important to double check with your vet to confirm a clean bill of health for your dog before scheduling a consultation.

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